Boo! Hiss! I Hate Health Insurance

One of the reasons I haven't blogged much lately?



And looking for health insurance.

Sometimes my revisions make me want to pull my hair out. (I'm ALMOST done though!) But buying health insurance makes me want to dig out my eyes with a spoon.

My problem is two-fold, you see.

First, I don't understand all of this insurance-speak. HSA Ready. OOP. Coinsurance. Huh? I get them all mixed up.

Second, I can't seem to find any plans that offer maternity coverage. NONE! Justin and I aren't planning on having kids really soon, but we'd like for me to have maternity coverage just to be safe.

But noooo. I can pay $250 a month for a nice insurance package that will completely drop me if I get preggers. I don't get it! Women have babies every day! Sometimes they have more than one baby in a day! So why can't I get maternity coverage?!

Man, I want to be a dude...