Gah, they stole my idea!

A few months ago, my brain bestowed upon me a Shiny New Idea for a young adult novel.

*Happy dance*

I was pretty giddy about this grand idea and I wrote a quick one-sentence summary that made me even giddier:

"In a world where nobody ages past 30, fifteen-year-old Ellie Snow isn't sure if she wants to stay forever young."

I thought my idea was so exciting! So interesting! So original!

Alas, then I discovered something...

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an upcoming movie called "Im.mortal." Here's a quick summary:

"The film will focus on the idea of a society where people are unable to age past the age of 25, with those who wish to live longer having to buy extra time to extend their life."

Justin Timberlake has already signed on. As well as Amanda Seyfried.


My Shiny New Idea!

So much for originality...