An Open Letter to France

Dear France,

I love you in so many ways, do you know that? So many ways...

1.) Cheese
2.) Bread
3.) Cheese + Bread
4.) Pastries
5.) The Louvre
6.) Coco Chanel
7.) More cheese
8.) Adorable French words like "patisserie" and "incroyable!"

But honestly, France, what is UP with your football/soccer team? I mean, really. Really! Such a tragedy. Such a shame. Incroyable!

Hmm...probably not the right usage for "incroyable" but oh well. It's fun to say.

I'll admit though--I'm kind of bummed that you guys didn't advance into the next round of the World Cup. I'm gonna miss reading about your douchebaggery antics on

Still, I love you, France. I love you lots. But please slap some sense into your footballers. (And please send me some more cheese!)

Your beloved Francophile,