The Inadequacy Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

Last night, I finished a critique for a member of my online writer's group.


The voice, the tension, the historical detail. It was fantastic! I sent off my critique with two thumbs-up and a request to read more.

Then I took a look at my WIP and I thought to myself...


This needs work. The voice, the tension, the scientific details. (Yep, I'm writing another MG science fiction novel.) Egads! How am I going to fix this book?

And that's when the feelings of inadequacy sank in.

*Insert whiny voice* Why can't I write like my friend? Why isn't my voice as strong as hers? How come my writing sucks compared to hers? *End whiny voice*

Whenever I get down on my writing, I force myself to take a deep breath and give myself a mental slap for sounding so whiny. (No one likes whiners!) I try to focus on where my strengths lie. I try to remind myself of all of the things I've learned so far. And I try not to compare myself to others...but it's hard not to do so.

So how do you guys deal with feelings of inadequacy? Any tips on how to conquery the inadequacy monster? And do you find yourselves comparing your writing to other writers? Or is this one of my weird quirks? :o)