My grandma was one classy dame

Before I headed to my grandmother's funeral last Saturday, I had to make a slideshow that would play at the service. My aunt Jean asked me to do it---and how could I say no?

As I pored through piles and piles of old photographs, I couldn't help but notice a common theme throughout the pictures: my Popo was one fashionable lady. She may have donned sweatpants and granny sweaters in her later years, but---my goodness---she certainly had a knack for fashion when she was younger.

Now, I know why I'm so obsessed with clothes and shoes!

Here are some of my favorites:

Here's grandma rocking a fur coat. (This was before fur became a fashion no-no.)

My grandma with two of my aunts. Check out those plaid pants on my Aunt Ann!

A picture of my grandma with my grandpa. They're buried next to each other at a beautiful cemetery overlooking Los Angeles.

And just for kicks, this is a family portrait of my grandma's family back in China---my Popo had seven brothers and sisters! My great-grandparents are seated in front. My grandmother is standing in the second row, the second from the left.