Apparently, Elmo is actually a middle-aged black man

My past three weeks = lots of flying, lack of sleep, and general craziness.

I recently returned from a brief jaunt to San Francisco in which I visited my good friend Allison and attended my college roommate Adrienne's wedding. Before that, I spent a few days in Oregon with my wonderful pal Kristen. (The West Coast has received much attention from me as of late!) And before that, I got the chance to interview the beloved muppet Elmo at a Smithsonian event. Indeed, the voice behind Elmo really is a middle-aged black man who is very tall and who wears glasses. Whodda thunk?

Oh, and my little sister Kristy just graduated from high school yesterday. Go Kristy! Now she can conquer the world with her Churchill diploma.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my travels. (Graduation pics to come.)

Kristen, Jason, Fritz, and I spent a day along the Oregon coast. So beautiful! I now understand why so many pioneers ventured to Oregon---and why the computer game Oregon Trail was such a hit with kids my age. (Pardon my frumpiness in this picture. It was really cold outside.)

Hmmm...kinda looks like Elmo's hand is mysteriously drifting towards my boob.

Ta-da! Bridesmaids in blue. Aren't our bouquets pretty? They were purple tulips. And isn't Adrienne just gorgeous? I loved her dress. Very classy.