The Book List

A couple of days ago, I headed to the bookstore to take a little break from writing. As I glanced around the Summer Reading tables, I picked up the 50th anniversary edition of Lolita and I knew I had to have it. I read this book two summers ago but I borrowed the novel from my local library with the intent on purchasing it if I really enjoyed it. And I really did like it. (Morbid, I know.) I just never got around to buying the damn thing.

Scribbled down somewhere in one of my old journals is a list of books I want to have in my own personal library. These are books I read in high school or college or in my post-graduate life that I just haven't gotten around to purchasing (ie Unaccustomed Earth). These are books too that I have lost (The Color Purple) or lent out to a friend and was never returned (The Princess Bride). I still wonder at times where my old dusty copy of A Handmaid's Tale has run off to--perhaps it has joined A Wrinkle in Time in the land where lost books go?

Anyway, here are a few tomes on my book list that I would like to own some day soon:

One Hundred Years of Solitude (Read this in high school. My copy of it survived through my five years in college before it disappeared without a trace. Sigh.)

The Feminine Mystique (Fantastic read. Changed my life by freeing my inner feminist.)

The Princess Bride (Such a fun story. I love the movie too but the film lacks some of the whimsy and wit of the novel.)

The Sirens of Titan (Vonnegut is kind of insane, but in a genius sort of way.)

The Green Book (This is a short little novel I read in the third grade. I LOVED IT! Must have it. Must read to my future half-white, half-Asian children.)

So what are some books you've been meaning to buy for your at-home library?