Yesterday afternoon I went to my doctor's office to have my stitches removed (more on my surgery later). I was a little nervous because I've often heard that taking out stitches can be pretty painful. But my loving husband, who had his appendix removed a few years ago, reassured me. "It kind of tickles," he said.

Yet I did not feel any sort of tickling when my doctor yanked the stitches from my body. Ouch! They kind of hurt. They kind of hurt a lot. It's a good thing I only had three deep stitches and a few superficial ones. Owwww...

To my beefy Army soldier husband, having stitches removed feels a little ticklish. Maybe even enjoyable. But to a little wimp like me who cringes at the sight of a paper cut, removing stitches ranks up there with menstrual cramps and stubbed fingers. Perhaps not the worse of pains, but definitely not ticklish.