To those who support the war...

If I was running for president, I could pull an Obama and proudly state that I've been against the War in Iraq since it started in 2003.

Four years ago I was a junior in college and rumors of a war was brewing all through the media. Supposedly there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Supposedly Saddam Hussein was going to bomb us all to oblivion. Supposedly President Bush was going to save us from such a fate. But then, of course, none of this happened.

Earlier this month General Petraeus told lawmakers visiting Iraq that a U.S. presence is needed for another nine to ten years. Another decade for this war! Another decade of American soldiers getting blown up by IEDs. Another decade of Iraqis living in turmoil and chaos. Another decade of Dick Cheney reaping the benefits of his stocks in Halliburton. Ten more years in Iraq.

A recent poll conducted by CNN found that 30% of Americans still support the War in Iraq. The media makes a frenzy out of such percentages, touting that these numbers are the lowest they have been. But I think of these numbers a little differently. Why isn't this percentage lower? Who is part of this elusive group? Who still believes that this war is a just one?

For those of you who support the war, would you be willing to sign a contract with Uncle Sam and head over to Baghdad to drive a humvee? Or would you be willing to send your husband or wife, son or daughter, mother or father to engage in this fight? Would you be willing to let them die?

If you are, then go join the Army and fight in this damn thing yourself. And don't ask my husband to do it for you.