Trying to get back into blogging...

I haven't posted a new blog entry in SO LONG! This is due to my intense laziness and also because a few major changes have occurred in my life. So to catch everyone up on what has happened in my life in the past two months, here goes:

1.) I now go by Caroline Richmond because I happened to marry a guy with the last name Richmond. On April 20th, 2007, (yes, we got married on National Pot-Smoking Day) I married my fiance Justin who is wonderfully handsome and handsomely wonderful! I am now officially a married woman and thus old and boring. Except to Justin, of course, who finds me incredibly youthful and fun. Honestly, I love being married! I don't mean to sound mushy or anything, but it is the greatest.

2.) Shortly after our nuptials, I officially moved down to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Some call it Fayette-nam or even Fayette-stan, but I call it home for now. We should be here in da dirty South for a year---or whenever Justin finishes up his Special Forces training---and then we will head to either Seattle, Washington or Okinawa, Japan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Seattle so I can start on graduate school. But then again, Japan would be a great adventure. Either way, Justin and I don't have any say in the matter; we will go where the Army tells us to go.

3.) Um, sex is great.

Haha. I don't really have many other updates to write about. I haven't found a job down here in Fayetteville, but then again I'm not really trying too hard because I like being lazy and getting up whenever the hell I want. But soon enough I will need to hunker down and find me some employment. Argh, but do i really have to?