Nightmare, be gone!

I had a scary dream last night.

In this dream, I was at a party in a large house. I left my purse in one of the bedrooms upstairs and then went on to play video games (???) and dance. But suddenly the electricity flickered and went out completely. I was kind of freaked out and decided to leave the party, but I had to get my purse first. I went upstairs using someone's flashlight, hurriedly grabbed my purse, and ran down the stairs. Unfortunately, a long green ghost had seen me and started to chase me. He stabbed me in the back with a huge knife that pirates use. (You know, the ones with a curved blade.)

It was a weird and scary dream, but I wouldn't call it a nightmare. No screaming, no jitters. I lied in bed after I woke up, thinking about the dream, and I realized that I have only had one nightmare in my entire life---a dream that I had back in elementary school. Since then though I haven't had any nightmares.

I wonder what makes people have nightmares. I know Justin has them all the time and my friend Cassandra had them from time to time when I was her roommate. What causes our brains to produce nightmares? Is it a dark memory from our past? Or just a random hormonal cause? In either case, I'm glad that I don't have nightmares frequently. I get squeamish watching scary movies and I can't imagine hosting my very own scary movie in my head. At night. In the dark. Yech!