Not Delicious

On my way to work today, I noticed a dead bird in the middle of the street. There wasn't any blood or spilled intestines, just a fluff of feathers and two spindly legs.

I started to wonder how this bird died. Did it keel over in the road and then a car just happened to flatten it? Or was it struck by a car as it was fishing for its afternoon meal?

I do adore animals, but any bird that is hit by a car deserves to die. If you have wings, you have the means to escape from an oncoming Ford Explorer! Not to mention you have two little legs that can hop you along to safety. And why are you looking for food in the middle of the road, anyway? I'm sure the hot dog stand just around the corner has crumbs aplenty.

Still, I wonder what happened to that little gray bird. Why was it in the middle of the street and how did it end up so flat?