Whatever Happened to...

1.) Tevin Campbell?

When I was a sixth grader at White Oak Middle School, Tevin Campbell was the coolest R&B artist. (Although he could never touch the status of Ace of Base.) Tevin was the baby-faced crooner of hits like "I'm Ready" and "Can We Talk." His entire CD was really good and it produced single after single.

So what ever happened to Tevin Campbell? I think he lent his voice to the song "Stand Out" in "A Goofy Movie," but other than that, I haven't heard from him since.

2.) Whitney Houston?

What happened to the lovable and cute Whitney of "I Want to Dance with Somebody" fame? Or the powerhouse singer of "I Will Always Love You"?

Drugs is what happened! And Bobby Brown!

But come back to us, Whitney. Please, come back. Ditch the white powder and your washed-up husband. Pull a Mariah and conquer the airwaves once again!

3.) The cast of the Babysitter's Club?

Some kids collect baseball cards. Other kids collect Pogs. I collected Babysitter's Club books. Why? Because they were awesome! I especially loved the Super Specials; my favorite being the one where the girls join their school's cast of "Peter Pan." Stacey and Sam (Kristy's older brother) were cast as Mr. and Mrs. Darling---and they were dating to boot! *Sigh* My ten year-old heart yearned for such romance.

So what happened to the Babysitter's Club? Did they live forever as eighth graders at Stoneybrook Middle School? Or did they eventually attend high school and college? Did Marianne and Logan ever get back together?

Tell me, Ann Martin, what happened to these girls!

4.) Crystal Pepsi?

I thought Crystal Pepsi tasted good. And it fooled your senses because it looked like Sprite but tasted like cola. Ingenious! Crystal Pepsi was extremely popular at my elementary school. Like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, it was tre cool.

5.) Those delicious cookies that I don't remember the name of?

Yum...I'm drooling just thinking about them. They were mini chocolate-chip cookies that were filled with chocolate cream. They came in a box and they were available at any grocery store.

They still haunt my dreams, taunting me because they will always be out of reach---just like that guy in Greek mythology who is perpetually thirsty. He is surrounded by water, but every time he bends down to drink, the water recedes and eludes him. How cruel! Those Greek gods sure knew the meaning of punishment. (Am I being similarly punished by the Keebler Elves who have decided to discontinue making this delicious cookie in their cookie-making tree?)