They're Mine!

Whenever I have lunch at the National Gallery of Art, I just have to stop by the 4th floor to look at my Georgia O'Keefe's. (I like to say their my O'Keefe's because I'd like to own one some day. This, of course, is a near impossible dream!)

I was never a fan of O'Keefe until I saw her work in person. Only then did I see the careful gradiation of her colors, the smoothness of her strokes. Her paintings are so bold, yet feminine. And for some reason I think they look very American.

Some people say that OKeefe's paintings display overt sexuality--- that they look like female genitalia. (I suppose I can see a resemblance. In a sense, flowers are vaginas after all.) But when I look at an O'Keefe, I see pretty colors swirling together and I see peace. I guess that's why I love to visit the 4th floor whenever I get a chance.