The Littlest (and Tastiest) Banana

Along with pecan pralines, I was also introduced to dessert bananas on my trip to the South. Dessert bananas are just like regular bananas but smaller. Cassandra's mom thought dessert bananas tasted sweeter than their regular-sized cousins, but I thought the little naners tasted the exact same.

I usually don't eat bananas plain (I like to cut them up and eat them with Cheerio's) but for some reason I couldn't stop devouring the little dessert bananas. Like pralines, they are addictive.

Cassandra and I decided that dessert bananas are more appetizing for the sole reason that they are so small. I see this phenomenon pop up with other "dainty" foods like donut holes, little fruit tarts, miniature cream puffs, and those adorable tiny rounds of cheese.

When we see a regular-sized donut we may think: "I don't want to eat an entire donut." But put a little donut hole in our line of sight and we begin to think otherwise: "Well, I can make room for just one." (Which is always false doctrine because you inevitably eat a second one and then a third, and before you know it you've eaten the entire box of donut holes.)

So the moral is this: the smaller a piece of food is, the more you want to shove it in your mouth. Humans are such carnal creatures! (Well, maybe just me.)