The Best Thing About Easter...

When I think about Easter, certain images come to life in my mind. I see green grass and newborn flowers. I see little girls in pastel dresses holding baskets of chocolate treats. I hear children laughing as they turn white eggs into funky blue and pink orbs. And I smell the delicious scent of honey-baked ham and cheesy potato casseroles. Yum.

But ultimately for me, the true meaning of Easter can be boiled down to two important tenets:

1.) The Resurrection of Jesus Christ---a doctrine that lies at the foundation of Christianity. How often we forget the original purpose of Easter, which is to celebrate this event.

2.) Cadbury Mini Eggs---perhaps the most delightful concoction under $3. Sometimes I wish that I could have Mini Eggs all year round, but then again I probably would get sick of them. You know what they say: "Too much of a good thing..."

If you really think about it, the Cadbury Mini Egg perfectly reflects the true meaning of Easter---new birth (the egg itself), purity (the white ones, at least), and eternal life (well, this one is a stretch...but come on, what is eternity without Cadbury chocolate?).

So as Easter approaches, what better way to reflect upon this holiday then to enjoy a few Cadbury Mini Eggs? Amen.