When I Grow Up...

I'm afraid I will jinx myself if I say this outloud, but here goes: I have my life mapped out for the next seven years!

March 2006 - September 2006 --- Finish my job in DC, freelance, take pictures of cherry blossoms, make friends, take a personality test at the Church of Scientology (no joke!).

September 2006 - September 2007 --- Complete my MA, travel, visit Scottish highlands, eat chocolate in Switzerland, and French kiss a French fellow in France.

September 2007 - September 2008 --- Take GRE, apply to grad school (again), work, write, toil and labor at loan applications.

September 2008 - Whenever 2013 --- Write that sucker of a dissertation and get my Ph.D. (And maybe my MRS...Hahahaha.)

And Beyond --- Secure a tenure-track teaching position at a great liberal arts college, live in a place that is warm year-round, adopt a bulldog named Winston that I'll call Winny, adopt a Ragdoll cat named Moses that I'll call Mo-Mo, buy a cute townhouse, sit down and sleep.

Now that I've mapped out my life, my plans will now inevitably crumble. Haha. I don't say this in a cynical way, but I've learned in my short 23 years that life takes you on twists and turns that you never expect to come your way.

Case in point: that's me in the bright red shirt with my lovely friends from my freshman year in college. We're celebrating my 18th birthday and it's strange to think that this picture was taken over five years ago. Did any of us back then have any clue of where we would be now?

What were our five-year plans back in 2000? Did they include going to India and working for Mother Theresa's Home for the Dying and Destitute? (That's Jami, second to the left.) Did they include working with the elderly and helping them enjoy the last years of their lives? (That's Adrienne, far right.) Did they include going to London on a study abroad? (And that's me.)

Nope. My plans in 2000 included finding a major, going on a mission, and finding a husband. How funny and how naive! Well, I eventually majored in history, I decided against a mission, and I never found my hubby during my BYU days. So that's life for you, but let me also tell you this: I couldn't be happier in my current station. I couldn't dream of anything better than working in DC at a great museum, volunteering my time on Tuesday nights, laughing with my new roommates, and freelancing in my free time.

If anything, I look forward to see what my life will be like in 2013. Most likely it will be completely different then what I envision it to be now. Or perhaps by sheer luck, I'll be finishing up my Ph.D just as I planned on doing seven years before.

So here's to the year 2013! I look forward to meetin' ya.

***I cannot overlook the accomplishments of my other three friends in the picture! Cassandra (far left) is tackling the BFA program at BYU. Jana (holding the blue fan) is an expert at assessing the payroll, a most fabulous Primary president, and hopefully a mother-to-be come summertime! And Brittney (second from the right) is raising the darling blue-eyed Tanner and will welcome another Miskin baby in July. So there you are! My wonderfully talented and fabulous friends.***