Put Down Your Louis Vuitton and Go Back to School!

Dear Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson,

So, the three of you have become hot celebs here in America. Guys want to date you, Versace wants to dress you, and millions of girls want to be you. It's this latter group that I want to address---the fourteen and fifteen year-old girls with braces on their teeth who spend hours at the mall trying to look like you.

As far as role models go, the three of you have disastrously failed. What kind of image do you project? Blond bimbos with fake boobs? Yep. Ditzy droids who are unable to decipher whether World War I or World War II came first? Check. Superficial chicks who have received torrents of fame due to their sex lives? Sure.

I am sure that within all of you there is an intelligent young woman who is just screaming to come out. You are beautiful! You are smart! (Well, at least I hope so, Jessica...Honestly, chicken by the sea?) And you are capable of filling your minds with knowledge and wisdom! So if you really want to be a role model to these girls, then you should go to college and pour some education in your pretty minds. And afterwards, you should become spokeswomen for causes that delve deeper than fancy purses and expensive shoes. Put your fame to good use, I say!

The freedom you enjoy today as women was gained by the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of women who fought for feminine equality. It's sad to see you squander it. But it's never too late to make amends!

A Friend

(PS - Two words of advice. One, read this article. And two, listen to the words in Pink's new song, "Stupid Girls. Psssst, she's talking about you."