Gems of Wisdom by Caroline

What I learned yesterday:

1.) If you are going to cry and blow your nose a lot, don't use paper towels. They'll make your eyes sore and your nose red. Use tissues. They were created for a reason.

2.) Tapas restaurants are kind of a rip-off. For a little plate of food, you have to shell out seven or eight bucks---and for what? One little spanakopita? Nonetheless, tapas restaurants are fun and you feel oh-so-Euroepan. Just don't go there if you are poor or terribly hungry.

3.) If you are a woman in your twenties, it is a smart thing to listen to music and read a book while riding the Metro. There are a lot of crazies on the subway system who are strange and mentally-disturbed. They will ask you for your phone number and want to take you out to dinner. A sure-fire way of keeping them at bay is to keep both your eyes and ears busy. Problem solved.