To Rule the World

"I am one of the millions of people in the world that feels my existence is less insignificant through my vain attempts at explaining the bizarre and mundane happenings in the world around me. Yay me."

My friend Allison wrote that in her new blog. I feel the same way about mine. Why do I feel that people care about my high heel adventures or my musings about art? Am I being pretentious? Do I place too much pride in my opinions? Or maybe I just like having feedback on the random thoughts and events that occur in my life. Hmmm...

My true intentions for writing a blog are much more scheming and dark.


I plan to RULE THE WORLD. If you have ever read Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, you will remember how Valentine and Peter takeover the planet by starting their own little blogs under the code names of Locke and Demosthenes. (All right, Card wrote the book long before blogs were invented, or even the internet for that matter, but Val and Pete did rise into positions of awesome power through blog-like means.)

And this is my evil plan... "Adventures in Space" will become a must-read for all Americans and Canadians! And then my online ramblings will carefully spread to Western Europe, then Asia, and then finally, Madagascar. I will spread like the bubonic plague, creeping in dark alleys and sneaking up on my victims. Gradually, every human being with access to a computer will read my blog. I will spread my libertarian ideas to the masses!

But now, I will go to sleep. My awesome plans for worldwide domination will have to wait until the morning. Come, Pinky, it is time for bed.

Pinky says: "Yes, Brain."

(If you don't get the last sentence, you need to watch more "Animaniacs.")

***Disclaimer: I'm writing this entry at 1:30 in the morning. Most likely it is full of mumbo-jumbo jibber-jabber.***