It begins...

And so it begins... I have officially become a "24" addict.

Prescribe me some pills, Doctor! Or give me another dose of Jack Bauer.

Oh, "24", how I love you. I watched six shows last night. Six. That's about four and a half hours of my life that I have dedicated to Jack, President Palmer, Michelle, Tony, George, Kim, and that crazy wilderness man Lonny. I even cried last night when Jack said goodbye to his daughter Kim. I had to get up, go to the bathroom, and wipe the tears from my face.

And tonight I will watch three more episodes---that's my quota for the day. I'm also feeling under the weather so I figure I deserve to curl up in bed and watch my new fave show.

I've watched so much "24" in the past twenty-four hours that my mind is having a hard time distinguishing between Jack Bauer reality and real reality. Last night, I dreamt that Armageddon had arrived. Not Ben Affleck, but the true end of the world. There were cyclones and earthquakes in DC! One of the characters in my dream remarked, "This is like the Book of Revelation!" I woke up deeply disturbed and afraid.

The influence of "24" is also displayed when I am awake. On my way to work, my Metro line passes by the Pentagon station and so the train I ride is often filled with military personnel dressed in camouflage uniforms. I just looked at one of the soldiers today and thought, "He could be saving the world today. For all I know, there might be a nuclear bomb set to go off in DC and have I absolutely no idea."

Hmmmm...this is getting out of hand! But I can't stop now. I only have six more episodes to go in Season 2.